April 2016

Major renovations coming! Store operations will be uninterrupted

From April 11th-28th, Grey Guardian Games will be undergoing our first wave of significant renovations to better the functionality, cleanliness, and aesthetic of the store. This work will be carried out overnight so as not to interrupt with the store’s daily operations. Some features of the store (e.g. tables, chairs, display) might be shifted around during this time, but they will remain usable for our patrons!

One day closure of Grey Guardian Games on April 2nd

For one day, our doors will need to be closed for assessments related to the renovations (see announcement above). Magic players will note that this is the first day of the Shadows over Innistrad Pre-Release, which will be held at the Peterborough Public Library. THE PRE-RELEASE WILL BE UNAFFECTED, as it is at the library. The Sunday pre-release will proceed as normal at our store.

Despite the closure, we WILL have extra tables set up for miniatures, board games, etc. at the library on April 2nd so that people who might normally come down to the store to play on Saturday will still be able to do so. There will be a sign on the door of the store relaying this information for Saturday April 2nd. We do apologize for any inconvenience this might cause!

Focus Group Studies to be held in April, signup begins April 6th

If you have ideas about bettering the store, community, types of inventory, events etc., this is an excellent opportunity to let me (the owner) know so that such ideas/requests can be considered carefully and/or brought to life! These studies will run between April 11th and April 28th. The specific timeslots will be marked in the “Calendar” section of our site by the end of the first week of April. Starting April 6th, you can sign up online in the Grey Guardian Games Facebook group poll, or in person at the store. More details to come!

Shadows over Innistrad Saturday Pre-release events held at PTBO Public Library

On Saturday April 2nd, the first 2 Shadows over Innistrad pre-release events will be held at the Peterborough Public Library (345 Aylmer St) ON THE BASEMENT FLOOR. Full details for all pre-release events can be found via our site’s “Feature Events” tab